San Leandro Auto Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Doral’s Auto Repair is the leading San Leandro automotive air conditioning service and repair shop. Nationally ASE certified technicians perform all auto ac services and repairs at Doral’s.

We offer comprehensive air conditioning inspections as well as AC leak testing and repairs. There are surprisingly many things that can go wrong with your automotive AC system: o-rings grow old and brittle, seals might not fully seal, fittings on the ac system may loosen, hoses get old, brittle, and may leak, blower motor failure is not uncommon, the compressor may fail, a new evaporator may be needed, and of course Freon leaks are common too, as the vehicles age.

Naturally we offer auto a/c recharge services as well. Oftentimes a minor leak can deplete ac coolant in the systems, and the vehicle ends up blowing warm air. Our technicians will test the AC system for leaks, locate the leaks, fix them, then recharge the A/C system, and test the vent temperature at different settings to make sure that everything operates as expected.

At Doral’s we inspect the entire air conditioning system, and repair or replace any components that have failed, or indicate imminent failure due to damage or age-related deterioration. Once your vehicle’s A/C system has been professionally inspected and serviced, you can count on cool air being available at the flip of a switch – no matter how hot and uncomfortable it may be outside.

At Doral’s Auto Repair we back all auto services and repairs with 36 month / 36, 000 mile warranty, and you can also expect:

  • Free local shuttle or loaner vehicles
  • Written quotes
  • Original Equipment Sourced/Supplier or better parts
  • Free Digital Vehicle Inspection with Service

So if your car’s AC system needs some tender loving care, bring your car to Doral’s and get the A/C system professionally diagnosed and repaired. We are looking forward to getting your car in top shape and back on the road. Making an appointment is easy – you can make an appointment online, or you can call us at the shop – whichever is more convenient.